Discover a fussion of flavours

Since 1845, Lindt's Master Chocolatiers have followed their passion for chocolate all over the world, seeking out the finest-grade cocoa beans and combining them with carefully selected ingredients, in a perfect harmony of tastes. Using these beans and their own unmatched flavour expertise, they create the luxuriously intense Lindt Excellence Block Chocolates.

Flavour is, without question, what fascinates our Master Chocolatiers most – the potency of chilli, the ‘bite’ of orange, the careful balance of cocoa and sea salt. Even on its own, cocoa requires real expertise to balance the bitter with the sweet, within classic recipes like Excellence 70%, Excellence 85% or even Excellence 90%. It takes real skill to create chocolates that are both distinctive and harmonious at the same time.

Lindt's carefully crafted chocolate combinations tease your taste buds and excite your palate, as you experience the delicate sophistication of savouring extraordinary chocolate. With over 15 Excellence flavours to experience, is there a better way to enjoy your evening?