Smooth Blend 70% Cocoa with Camembert

Wonderfully smooth and balanced due to the specially selected blend of fine cocoa beans and gentle processing, Lindt Excellence Smooth Blend 70% Cocoa perfectly complements a young, firm Camembert. The richness and creaminess of the cheese harmonises extremely well with this unique chocolate without overpowering it. A true celebration of indulgence.

Roasted Hazelnut with Gruyère AOP

The rich and nutty characteristics of Gruyère AOP, a semi hard Swiss alpine cheese with creamy mouthfeel, touch of saltiness and rich nuttyness, lends itself perfectly to the dark, smooth characters of Excellence Roasted Hazelnut. The enticing depth and rounded aroma of the expertly roasted hazelnuts makes this a true culinary, taste discovery.

Arabica Intense with a Jersey Blue Cheese

One could think that pairing a coffee chocolate with a blue cheese is somewhat of an adventurous combination. However, the amazingly creamy Jersey Blue works extremely well with the aroma and flavours of this Arabica coffee chocolate. The combination of dark chocolate, blue cheese and coffee is an adventure worth embarking on!

Dark 70% Cocoa with a Sbrinz Cheese

This is a match that’s quite unexpected but surprisingly harmonised… The round, complex flavour of the chocolate complements the saltiness and firm texture of this cheese. The tiny salt crystals in the cheese provides a fine texture and taste sensation when enjoyed together. The intense chocolate flavour lingers yet does not overpower the Sbrinz, the Swiss cousin of Parmesan. Simply a fascinating pairing. Of course, an aged Parmesan cheese would also be a great option.