Roasted Hazelnut Piccolo Latte

Short, intense yet delectably creamy, a Piccolo Latte is the perfect match for the Excellence Roasted Hazelnut chocolate. The rich roasted notes and decadent nutty flavour of this coffee harmonises perfectly with the smooth dark chocolate and hazelnut inclusions.

Dark Caramel with Sea Salt & Long Black

The slightly smoky notes found in some coffee beans are highlighted in a Long Black that is sweetened by the deep, rich caramel in this chocolate. The unique addition of the finest sea salt crystals balances the richness and complements the coffee’s long finish providing a true taste sensation.

Smooth Blend 70% Cocoa with Latte Macchiato

The layers of creamy, steamed milk and coffee of a Latte Macchiato create a mellow and silky flavour that is simply perfect with the Excellence Smooth Blend 70% Cocoa. This chocolate is wonderfully smooth although still rich with balanced flavours due to the high cocoa percentage. This match is an extraordinary, velvety experience for your palate.

Raspberry Intense & Strong Cappuccino

The flavour balance of a strong Cappuccino with its creamy texture highlights some of the sweetness in this chocolate whilst the fruitiness and acidity of the raspberry pieces provides a delicious contrast that are all brought together with the subtle notes of exceptional cocoa.

Extra Silky & Melange

Not so well known is a Melange. A delectable coffee topped with whipped cream. The silkiness of the white chocolate with rich dairy flavours and the luxurious notes of the finest Madagascan Vanilla is perfectly balanced by the intriguing flavour and temperature contrast of the Melange. Creamy, rich and simply delicious.

A Touch of Sea Salt & Espresso

An intense coffee such as Espresso naturally boasts delectable chocolate tones and when paired with this unique chocolate provides a simply delicious harmony. The sea salt crystals elevate the rounded cocoa notes delivering a flavour burst that will leave a tantalising taste sensation on the palate.

70% Cocoa & Double Espresso

The complexity of flavours in 70% dark chocolate is best complemented with the robust and intense flavour of a double espresso. The espresso boasts a long bold finish with a creamy mouthfeel and balances the rich cocoa flavours of the chocolate providing an amazing taste sensation on the palate.

85% Cocoa & Flat White

A strong Flat White balances this chocolate's deep cocoa characters. The creaminess of the Flat White enhances the cocoa taste and brings out hints of vanilla in this dark chocolate while providing a rounded mouthfeel.

Orange Intense & Macchiato

This chocolate is a true all-rounder. The citrus notes of the orange and earthiness of the almonds come alive with this bold coffee. Rich notes of the roasted coffee beans with a hint of spice harmonizes perfectly well with this delicate and citrus dark chocolate making this a true feast for the senses.

Chilli & Cold Brew Coffee

The warmth and spice of the chilli in this amazing chocolate is simply delectable. A cold brew coffee, or even a Long Black, provides a wonderful contrast and balance on the palate. The rich chocolate flavour dominates, followed by the gentle warmth of chilli is all brought together by this unique coffee, leaving a cooling and cleansing sensation on the palate, ready for the next bite of spice.

Extra Creamy & Cafe Latte

This extra creamy chocolate boasts distinct notes of milk and caramel, which are mirrored and also amplified with a Café Latte. The exceptionally rich and creamy melting sensation of the chocolate provides a stunning mouthfeel that underlines this delectable pairing.

90% Cocoa & 3/4 Latte

A 3/4 Latte might not be the obvious pairing for this high percentage chocolate. The milk in this intense coffee offers a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth feel, which enriches and softens the intense cocoa character of the Lindt EXCELLENCE 90% Cocoa. The result is a sweet and velvety combination.