Raspberry Intense & Darjeeling

A lovely balanced chocolate with the delectable slight tartness of raspberries. The stunning aroma of ripe raspberries and delicate cocoa harmonizes exceptionally well with a delicate Darjeeling tea. Flavours of muscatels, musky spiciness and Himalayan mountain air creates a stunning counterpart to the delightful berry and chocolate combination.

Smooth Blend 70% Cocoa with White Tea

The elegant Excellence Smooth Blend 70% Cocoa with delicate cocoa aroma and mild flavour profile for a high cocoa percentage chocolate pairs perfectly with the most subtle and delicate of the teas, White Tea. This is a delightful match for all your senses which builds with every sip. You could also try a Russian Caravan with this chocolate.

Sea Salt Caramel & English Breakfast Tea

Traditionally a blend of various origin teas, this is truly one of the most popular and most enjoyed teas. When paired with this unique chocolate, the robust flavour of the tea accentuates the rich, intense caramel flavour balanced by the addition of the finest sea salt crystals which together delivers an intriguing crunch. The perfect pairing and treat for a well-deserved break, whatever time of day.

70% Cocoa & Green Tea

The delicate grassy and silky texture of the Green Tea enhances the intense, high cocoa flavour and creates a truly perfect match. The deep flavour of the tea wraps around the richness of the chocolate leaving a fresh taste and long palate. We recommend to enjoy this tea pairing without any sugar, milk or other additions to preserve the robust attributes which makes this pairing truly shine.

Orange Intense & Earl Grey

Orange Intense is a true classic chocolate with zesty citrus notes and earthy almonds harmonizing with delectable dark chocolate. The subtle and gentle bergamot flavour of this tea is the perfect accompaniment to this chocolate, bringing together the citrus and rounded cocoa flavour.

Chilli & Chai Tea

The aromatic spiced notes of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper from the Chai Tea intensifies the chilli flavour in this chocolate. The smoothness of the dark chocolate blends exceptionally well with the Chai's spiced, milky flavours creating an extraordinary oriental flavour combination.

A Touch of Sea Salt & Assam Tea

This inimitable chocolate develops on your palate with the rich and balanced chocolate flavour that is then accentuated by the precious sea salt crystals.  Known for its strong flavour, malty notes and bright colour, Assam is a lovely match for the smooth textured chocolate with the unique flavour of the finest sea salt.

Extra Creamy Milk & Earl Grey

The creaminess and unique caramel characters of the chocolate is perfectly complemented by pairing it with the classic Earl Grey tea. The generous dairy flavour of the chocolate brings together the gentle citrus notes of the bergamot adding depth and complexity. A simply delectable pairing.

Mint Intense & Mint Tea

This cooling and refreshing tea balances delicate green tea and fresh mint. Brewed light or strong and enjoyed sweetened, it pairs fantastically well with Mint Intense. The cooling mint flavour with the subtle cocoa notes and silky chocolate finish is a match made in heaven.