Sea Salt Caramel & Prosecco

This stunning chocolate is the perfect balance of smooth dark chocolate, crisp and deep flavoured caramel pieces, and a subtle undertone of sea salt. The most dramatic pairing with this is a Prosecco. The citrus and pear notes in the wine along with the refreshing sparkle makes this pairing luxurious and truly indulgent. A crisp Australian Sparkling Wine with a hint of sweetness is also a great match.

Roasted Hazelnut with Beaujolais

The slightly nutty and fruity characteristics of the Gamay grapes in a Beaujolais creates an intriguing harmony and contrast to the rich, roasted notes of the Excellence Roasted Hazelnut. The delectable dark tones and smooth finish of the dark chocolate makes this a truly unique pairing. A slightly oakey Australian Gamay would also make a great pairing.

Smooth Blend 70% Cocoa with a Sparkling Shiraz

A Sparkling Shiraz is truly unique and boasting all the characteristics of a fine Shiraz such as pepper, spice and fruit notes but the addition of bubbles provides a real lightness which pairs exceptionally well with Excellence Smooth Blend 70% Cocoa. The smooth texture and rich flavours of the chocolate come alive with the extra flavours and bubbles of the sparkling wine. A true delight for your palate.

Arabica Intense with Pedro Ximénez Sherry

Rich dark chocolate with the deep distinct flavour of Arabica coffee beans truly makes a stunning chocolate, and when paired with a Pedro Ximénez Sherry highlights the rich fruitiness and sweet finish of the wine harmonising perfectly well with the coffee notes. This pairing is a pure symphony for the senses.

Raspberry Intense & Cabernet Sauvignon

This delightfully balanced chocolate celebrates the natural tartness of the berries and the sweet, yet intricate cocoa flavour of the chocolate. The stunning aroma of ripe raspberries and delicate cocoa notes harmonize perfectly well with a Cabernet Sauvignon for a full-bodied mouthfeel. A Grenache would also pair perfectly well.

A Touch of Sea Salt & Merlot

An extraordinary chocolate with delectable cocoa aromas, rounded flavours and the truly fascinating addition of the finest sea salt crystals. The pureness of the sea salt enhances the sweetness of the cocoa and provides a mouth-watering finish. A Merlot with the subtle fruit of plum and notes of eucalypt harmonizes exceptionally well with this chocolate.

70% Cocoa & Australian Shiraz

This chocolate provides complexity, balanced intensity, an amazing length of palate and a stunning bouquet of flavours including hints of fruity notes, caramel and honey. Select a wine with red fruit characters to add an extra dimension to the dark chocolate. Try an Australian full-bodied Shiraz with fruit and peppery characteristics to create the perfect pairing for this unique chocolate.

Extra Silky & Pinot Noir

A true stand out white chocolate. Luxuriously smooth and creamy as it delicately melts on the palate releasing flavours and aromas of the finest milk, perfectly balanced with renowned Madagascan Vanilla to round off this ultimate white chocolate experience. Perhaps not the most obvious pairing, yet the most exceptional is with a Pinot Noir. Light, fruity and with spicy notes, this is a surprising although stunning pairing.

85% Cocoa & Muscat

These deliciously sweet and supple wines make ideal partners for the robust flavours and intensity of this high percentage chocolate. The fruity characters, earthy tones and hint of vanilla from the chocolate contrasts the sweetness of the honeyed characters of a Muscat. Australian Muscats pair perfectly with our 85% Cocoa chocolate.

Orange Intense & Botrytis

The defining flavour of this classic chocolate is candied orange, perfectly balanced with dark chocolate and earthy almonds. Wines with sweetness, marmalade and citrus flavours such as Botrytis or a Late Harvest Riesling with fruit notes provide a warming background to this exquisite chocolate.

Chilli & Chianti

This combination is a true taste sensation. The delicious dark chocolate gently melts providing a delicate sweetness and delectable cocoa flavour that subsides to a gentle warmth from the chilli but the heat is well controlled and in harmony with the fine cocoa. Paired with a classic Chianti or stunning Cabernet Merlot with berry notes, cocoa nibs and savoury mouthfeel, this is a great pairing.

Extra Creamy Milk & Sauternes

Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy showcases the truly stunning and silky character for which Lindt milk chocolate is so famous for. With an exceptionally velvety melt and notes of honey and caramel as well as balanced cocoa flavours and true dairy attributes, this chocolate pairs perfectly well with a sweeter style wine such as a Sauternes that provides a smooth and sweet finish without overpowering the extraordinary chocolate.

90% Cocoa & Tawny

This chocolate is undoubtedly dark but it is also elegantly refined and surprisingly smooth. The rich cocoa character with roasted characteristics of espresso are perfectly balanced with notes of vanilla and cream. The classic wine match is a Tawny, which brings rich flavours, some sweetness and a silky warmth. A Port or Pedro Ximenez works just as well. Definitely a combination to savour after dinner.