A delightful pleasure - Lindt Excellence and Tea

Our step by step guide

The plentiful blends that characterise tea and chocolate opens up an endless world of enticing and exciting flavour combinations and allow for an indulgent multi-sensory experience. Here are some tips on how to enjoy these pairings.

Always use freshly drawn cold water in the kettle. Add loose leaves or a tea bag to the pot just as the water comes to the boil pour on top. Leave the leaves to brew for about four to five minutes or, if using a tea bag, leave to brew for three minutes.

Strain the tea or remove the bag and leave until it reaches a drinkable temperature. Add milk if preferred.


Take a sip of tea whilst also inhaling some air to enhance the flavour, as the experts do. This process will increase the temperature of your mouth and allow the chocolate to melt quickly and evenly so that you can savour the tea and the chocolate flavours together.

When pairing chocolate with a high cocoa content, the process of tasting the chocolate is reversed so that you eat the chocolate first then sip the tea. The rich cocoa will be softened by the warm tea and ensure that all flavours and tones are heightened.