A match made in heaven - Lindt Excellence and Wine

How to taste

Chocolate and wine - two of life’s greatest pleasures and a match made in taste heaven. To best enjoy your wine and chocolate tasting experience, it’s important to tap into all five of your senses.

Let's begin... Smell the chocolate and savour the aroma before breaking off a piece. Then let it melt slowly in your mouth. Make sure to inhale through your mouth and out through your nose to allow the flavours and aromas to fully penetrate your senses. When you have swallowed the chocolate, consider the flavour and how long it lingers.


Now do the same with the wine. Pour it into the glass, smell it, enjoy the aroma. Take a sip and before you swallow, savour the flavours.

Now taste the two together. Take another small piece of chocolate, and allow it to melt in your mouth. Then take a sip of the wine. As you swallow the chocolate and the wine, think about how the flavours work together. Why not repeat the process with different combinations to experience the very different and delightful tastes each pairing brings.

The shape of your glass can have a big influence on the taste of your wine. Big bodied reds need a larger area to release their vapours, but light white wines do better in a smaller, tulip shaped glass. For more information on glasses visit http://www.riedelglass.com.au